Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jobs Bro(:

This post is about my parent’s jobs. I have 4 parents, if you want to look at it that way. My mom, step dad, step mom and dad. My dad is a sales person at Brad Deery. My step mom is going to school to be a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) and is a bartender every Friday OR Saturday. My step dad is employed at John Deere Harvester Works; he bends parts for their combines. My mom is a receptionist type person at Ag Spectrum. She does more then answer phones though. She does a lot of graphing and charts. She is like a super mom lately juggling work, kids, life altogether. I don't limit her jobs to tell you the truth. She works so hard to try and make everyone in our house happy and it doesn't usually work. I think she is one of the most hard working people I know. So those of you who don’t appreciate all that your mom does… Think again. She does more then you think. Thanks Mom! Dad! Step Dad! And Dad! You all work so hard to help make your children’s lives better. 

My Interests (:

This post is all about what interests me. I have A LOT of interests. My number one interest is DaNcE (: I love dancing and I don't know what I would do with out dancing. This week I will be at dance 5/7 days. I am also interested in horses. I ride whenever I get the chance. If you look through some of my other posts you will see that I talk a lot about my horse: Elijah and my aunts horses. I think the last interest I will share with you is my interest in Law. My dream (right now) is to be an FBI agent. (: I enjoy figuring things out and looking at things from multiple points of view. I think it is interesting how people think and/or think they can get away with something without consequences. So thank you for taking interest in my post about my interests! (:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Be You

(I used http://artpad.art.com/ to create this picture)
Have you ever wanted to escape your life? Escape everything you are and everything your life has become?... Ever wanted to lay in bed and do nothing but feel sorry for yourself?... Ever had that feeling all the time... Are you feeling it now? If you are, don't worry, the feeling will pass. The feeling of your inability to help yourself will too. How many of you have a Best Friend? One you can tell anything to, and you tell them everything? I do. Sometimes I think she is the only reason I stay sane... But she certainly keeps me on my toes. (: My Best Friend is the only reason I have any tolerance for obnoxious-ness. But I love her and wouldn't want her to be anyone but herself. She is beautiful, funny, smart and ridiculously annoying... But if you look at the things you hate about someone or yourself you will never see the qualities that have yet to show through... Love yourself.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Make It Global (:

March 8th is International Women's Day. This day is all about remembering women, and their fight for freedom and rights. This movement was because of women not being treated fairly, how they are people too, but aren't treated like it. International Women's Day really took place between 1913 and 1917, when women would gather and rallie to protest against the war or to express solidarity between one another. It wasn't a National Holiday until December 1977. In December 1977, National Women's day was declared the same time International Peace was.
Now there is legal rights for women in developed and developing countries. These previsions are made to go along side human rights, these previsions include things such as: no discrimination toward males or females. They have done many things to alert people about the new additions about women's rights. Although much still is in need to be done to reach equality, things are progressing for women and one day.... We will all be treated fairly.

(I got all of my information from http://www.unac.org/en/news_events/un_days/women1.asp)

Thanks!!!! (:

Friday, March 16, 2012


Sooo... Today is it 77 degrees outside, and this is AMAZING(: I love the warm weather!! This weekend i might get to go see my horse!! I miss Elijah soooo much(: and I might also get to go to the mall with Kaytlinn!!(: YAY(: I know that I am putting ALOT of smiley faces(: but I am just SOO HAPPY!!!(: Hehe (: So yesterday was the first day I actually got to spend outside!(: It was so fun, except my phone got wet. LOL. Dumb cups of water! >:( I still had so much fun I got to hang out with Kaytlinn and others (: We jumped on the trampoline and.. yeah.(: So, whats your favorite part about warm weather? (:
(Comment and tell me(: We can compare favorites!!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Extra Extra Read All About Me!!! (:"

Hey! I'm Sophia, and this right here is my blog. I live in Iowa in the USA!! (: Iowa is soooo... Iowa, there really isn't anyway to explain this place! (: I am a February Baby, so un-naturally I LOVE the summer time!!(: Right now, I am addicted to the Hunger Games trilogy, I have read the first one and im in the middle of the second one! I can't wait for the movie to come out! My two closest friends are probably, Kaytlinn and Ashley. We all dance together, but we are all completely different, in some aspects of our personalities, our physical appearance and the most important... our hair color (I know that kinda goes in with physical appearance but I just wanted to point out, Kaytlinn is blonde :p) But the is a little about me, if you have more questions about me COMMENT! I would love to talk more about me, and more importantly about you!! So comment, and I will comment back!!(: THANKS!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ashley Michelle Vinson. (:

Ashley is one of my closest friends, she is always there when I need someone to talk to. We dance together, and have a lot of classes together at school. Ashley, Kaytlinn and I have lots of funny memories together. For example, we were all over at Kaytlinn's house and it was just the 3 of us, everyone else was gone. That was the day Ashley and I, met Hector, the ghost. Let me just tell you that hiding in the bathroom is not the smartest place to hide. There is no way to escape, besides going back towards what we were hiding from. Kaytlinn is a natural blonde, Im a brunette and Ashley has Black hair, but put us together and we are the blondest people you will EVER meet! :) But we are a blast too! Ever need cheering up?! Come. See. US! (: Mr. Hubner (our history teacher) has now decided that I am Ashley's partner in crime, but really I come up with the ideas! I love this girl, she is so amazing!!! Love you Ash!!!!(: